District Social

District Social
252 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018


House Cured Salmon at District Social

it is another Friday night
in New York City
and I feel like socializing

started to walk up the
street a block or two
like an interesting sight
like a demure lady refined
it’s window caught my eye

the doorman saw me staring
thru the panes
and he opened the door
and he said come in
and take a seat

I did…

and i was NOT…

i decided to sit
at the bar
the bartender was
friendly, very engaging
just like the doorman

i sat and felt

i asked for the drink list
promptly it was laid
before me
it was professionally printed
and the list was huge
the bartender let me sample
then I made my choice
a 212 Flatiron Ale
smooth with a little sharpness
just the way I like it

i was not hungry
but I asked for the menu anyway
the house cured salmon,
salmon roe, tzatziki
caught my eye
though not hungry
It would not be too much

i ordered, soon it came
and it was awesome
i’m so glad the doorman
invited me in

I topped off the night
with an IPA

and I plan to return

so if you are in NYC
on or near west 37th
between 8th & 9th
look for the District Social

if you look in the Windows
i’m sure the doorman
will open the door
and invite you in
for a sit down
and a socializing …



Contributed by: Jerry T. Johnson, a new writer to the Connecticut/New York area. Jerry published his first poetry chapbook, “Good Morning New Year!”, in 2015.  Jerry’s work has been published in Catalyst magazine (“I Be a Bad Dude”) and in Burningword Literary Journal (“The Ways of Peace”).  Jerry also performs spoken word in a variety of venues in the New York City area. You can check out his website here!

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