Kabobi-Persian and Mediterranean Grill

Kabobi-Persian and Mediterranean Grill
4748 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

img_4077The Albany Park area of Chicago is known for their diverse population of people from the Middle East
And with the numbers growing through the years,
the number of restaurants in the area also increased
You can even spot Middle Eastern restaurants that are right next to each other on Kedzie street!
And with one of the best Persian restaurants around,
Kabob Grill is a find that you can’t beat
High quality Middle Eastern food served in a casual environment to have a seat

With no wait service, the first thing you do when you walk in is order at the counter and then find a table to sit
Because of their popularity and crowd, you may have to wait a bit
The ambiance reminded me of cafes and restaurants in the Middle East,
and because of their massive portions, for a very decent price, it will most definitely feel like a Arab feast!

The hummus is smooth, silky, and creamier than most,
claimed to be one of the best hummus by their regulars,
that gives Kabobi a reason to boast!
Brought out with warm and fluffy hot pita,
that is baked fresh daily at the bakery next door,
Al-Khyam Bakery is the name of the store

The Persian Salad is fresh and crunchy,
a good way to prepare for the food that will be coming your way
Because when the main entrée is brought out in front of you,
you already know you’ll have food left over for the next day!

Each dish comes in a tin tray lined with Persian Lavish bread,
with your choice of rice and kabob on top
Accompanied by a sliced red onion,
grilled plum tomato,
and a pat of butter to spread on the kabob
The meat is juicy and very flavorful,
and the owner confirms that it is all Zabiha Halal,
for those who are careful!
Each meal is easily two meals in one
With each bite of the savory dish,
it felt nice knowing I wasn’t even close to done!

The owner was a gentleman,
and walked over to every table to ask if everyone enjoyed their food
With bags of leftovers in hand, and a satiated stomach,
The smile on my face after having such divine Persian food spoke my gratitude!




Ten Mile House

Ten Mile House
1700 Central St, Evanston, IL 60201


As soon as you walk into Ten Mile House,
the scent of smoked barbecue invites you in,
to a bright and open space with a big bar and an open kitchen
A wood burning stove is in view with a fire blazing,
with pizza’s sliding in and out the glimpse is amazing
The decor is comfy and homey, yet sleek and contemporary,
and the menu is a modern take on American comfort food that is anything but ordinary

Excited to see it a full house,
and glad I had called for a reservation before hand,
with a hungry stomach,
the last thing I’d want to do is wait while I sit or stand
The menu offered a variety of soups, salads, fish and barbecued meats,
and the pizza which is cooked in the wood oven is a popular item that most come to try and eat
Yet despite a busy kitchen,
I was impressed with the timeliness of the food being prepared,
and one look at the TMH pizza I had ordered,
the last thing I’d ever want to do is share

The pizza came straight out of the oven with a golden crust that was soft and chewy,
White cheddar, pork shoulder, bacon, garlic, crispy onions sprinkled on top,
and the bbq sauce soaked into the crust made it delightfully gooey
But with a variety of other toppings for the pizza,
and other food on the menu,
there’s always something new to try
Ten Mile House has a wonderful brunch and dinner combo for whatever time you decide to drop by

Popular items include,
The Pepper Jack Stuffed Tater Tots,
The Crispy Grilled Cheese, Fried Chicken,
And acclaimed lunch item The Dude…
which is a Cinnamon Roll sandwich with sausage, egg, and maple bacon
a twist from the old to the new is delightful to take in

With history that comes with the Ten Mile House name,
it marks a prominent time in Evanston’s past,
To being the first public gathering point in 1836,
it was brought back in 2014,
to carry that name again and this time make it last!


Chicago Hope Cafe

Chicago Hope Cafe
2431 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60608


Great Coffee, Great Cause

Hope’s itn the name of my favorite stop.
It’s the core of its mission, too.
For profits from Hope are for a great cause,
helping kids with each pot they brew.

For just down the street and then up the block
Is a school with Hope, too, in its name.
And the coffeeshop’s joy is to share in this work
Of giving its students clear aim.

It’s a school serving kids from the West Side,
Many who might need a hand.
It’s part of the mission there at Hope Café,
To help when things don’t go as planned.

It’s a mission that’s deep; it starts with their brew,
For their roaster is named Second Chance—
Giving jobs to those who’ve served time in jail,
The very best kind of advance.

So the cause is a great one, but so is the fare.
The café con leche is tops.
And if you want breakfast or lunch, you’re all set
With a sandwich made right in this shop.

For Kenard’s at the grill frying bacon,
And the taste is as good as the smell.
It goes awfully well with a cup poured by James,
Giving you an experience to tell.

The sunshine spills cross the old hardwood floors
And you settle into a nook.
With the wifi you could get some work done
Or just cozy up with a book.

Grab breakfast to-go or work for awhile,
Have a meeting there or an event.
Chicago Hope Café’s a great place to go,
And a great place to say that you went.


Contributed by:  Jen Underwood, lives in the great city of Chicago with her school teacher husband, four crazy but awesome kids, and a dog who thinks she’s the queen. Jen is a freelance writer and blogs at www.jenunderwood.org.


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5411 Empanadas

5411 Empanadas
3715 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613


In 2009, a piece of Argentina was brought to Chicago
To a restaurant named 5411 Empanadas,
the number being Buenos Aires’ international dialing code

It started off as a food truck,
and then spread into a success
From the streets of Chicago to its own permanent address
The first location opened on Clark St in 2012,
and from there they opened 4 other Chicago locations
As soon as you try these empanadas,
you’ll know exactly why they have a famed reputation

The empanadas are baked and not fried,
which means they are on the healthy side
And each one is rolled with a different pattern on the edges,
and a pattern in the dough,
and a guide at each table has a drawing that indicates which empanada is which,
if you’d like to know…

Each empanada is $2.50 each,
and are filling although they make look small
With an option of 12 different fillings to try,
you’ll want to make it a goal to try them all!

The Beef is a classic,
the BBQ Chicken is a favorite by far
The Ham and Cheese is filled with slices of ham,
mozzarella and parmesan cheese,
with all these flavors together it’s a rockstar!
The Bacon, Dates, and Goat cheese is a sweet and savory salty combo,
even though it may sound strange
The Ratatouille is a must-try for vegetarians,
who may be looking for a change
The Banana and Nutella is perfect for the sweet tooth like me,
and even better is that it goes perfect with a cup of coffee!

They have a full espresso bar and serve metropolis,
along with popular Argentine cafe items and treats
Cortado, an espresso,
and Alfajores, a sugary confection,
are both a find you can’t beat!

The coffee and empanada combination is perfect for a cold Chicago winter night
And if coffee isn’t your thing,
the full bar of alcohol is a pretty sight
But regardless of what you’d like to drink,
make sure you bring your appetite!






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Wholly Frijoles

Wholly Frijoles
3908 W Touhy Ave, Lincolnwood, IL 60712

image-1Not another Mexican joint down the street,
but a place to find a new way to eat
Traditional Mexican food that comes with a twist,
a flavor explosion that you just can’t resist
The frontera burrito I have featured is guaranteed to make your taste buds scream
It’s a fried burrito topped with melted cheese, tomato sauce, and sour cream
Portions that are large and prices reasonable,
food that is both authentic and creative…
And even better is the way the inside is decorated
An explosion of color with traditional Mexican decorations everywhere
Small but cheerful and could make anyone feel at home in their chair!
BYOB, for those who would like to know…
Especially appreciated in the summer with their decorative outdoor patio
A favorite in the Chicago-land area, with many visitors stopping by from all over the city,
to see this restaurant that is lively and festive with a menu that is inventive and witty!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.45.22 PM


68 Susukinobaba-cho, Saga-Tenryuji, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 616-8385 Japan


Canopied beneath the changing leaves,
The best restaurant in Kyoto, so one believes.

Low seats lined on the tatami floor,
Our stop for lunch on this historical tour.

Paper walls and crisp, clean trays,
The feast begins, ready to amaze.

Delicate presentation with seasonal flare,

Each dish to be enjoyed, with mindfulness and care.

Steamed, boiled, tempura-ed, pickled,

All of the oral senses were tickled.

The meal ends with a cup of warm green tea,

On the list of, “best food ever,” for me.

Later I learned it was solely vegetarian fare,

I did not notice, nor did I care.

To the gardens we went to walk off the meal,

Still in awe from the amazing ordeal.


Contributed by:  Maika Isegawa, a student at Stanford University, currently taking a leave of absence to perform for Cirque Du Soleil. She travels the world for work and pleasure, writing about her adventures and experiences.

You can find her on social media right here! WordPressTwitter, Instagram


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Mountain Home Ranch
3400 Mountain Home Ranch Rd, Calistoga, CA 94515


Mountain Home Ranch Thanksgiving

the first sitting is for 80 guests
followed by a sitting of 40 for family
guests always eat first

the whole family cuts, slices, and dices on stainless steel
tables in a commercial kitchen whose oven will hold
five 25 turkeys at the same time

10 pound of chanterelle mushrooms picked from the neighboring canyon
are washed

there are no idle hands
there is no idle time

it takes more than 24 hours to prepare over 300 lbs of food

the joy of watching families with laughing children consume
this meal together at the dining room tables

has no comparison in this life


Contributed by: Forrest Pasky, a electrical engineer in the Silicon Valley. He spent 10 years in his 20-30’s as a freelance writer/artist/cartoonist for such publications as Hallmark Cards and King Features. Mountain Home Ranch is a 340 acre family-owned bed-and-breakfast ranch at the top of the Napa Valley. It has been in continuous operation as a get-away/retreat since 1913.

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Chicago’s Pizza

Chicago’s Pizza
4520 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60641


For over 20 years, Chicago’s Pizza has been well-known,
for having one of the best neighborhood spots that are all family owned
With three locations throughout the city:
Lincoln Park, Ravenswood, and Old Irving, to not live near one is a pity
With a top-notch delivery service, there’s no need to ever be nervous
Your food is guaranteed to always arrive early, to always be perfectly heated
And if you’re in the mood to eat inside, you will always be kindly greeted and seated
Chicago’s Pizza is BYOB and this gives the restaurant a nice touch,
A bottle of Sangria, like the one I have pictured, works well with the pizza and you can never have too much!
Free house bread that’s put in front of you is warm and divine…
and the place itself is laid back and quiet for a late-night wine and dine
They are open late and are usually a great night stop to get food,
Pizza by the slice is always fresh and hot, but there’s also other options if you’re in another mood
Wings, burgers, pastas, and more…
and they are highly recognized for their gluten free options, if that’s what you’re looking for
Gluten free pizza that’s deep dish or stuffed for anyone with a gluten free diet…
and with the option to order online, where their website provide coupons, is all the more reason for you to stop by Chicago’s Pizza and try it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.45.22 PM

Rockit Burger Bar

Rocket Burger Bar
3700 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60613

ROCKITBURGERBARAcross the street from Wrigley Field you’ll find Rockit Burger Bar
Regardless if you’re a Cubs or a White Sox fan,
they’ll welcome you whatever you are
With plenty of TV’s hung around,
it’s a fun place to watch any game and grab a bite
An enjoyable bar to hang out at whether you’re eating in the day or drinking in the night
The specialty burgers is what this burger bar is notorious for
Each burger has a different style that you’ll be curious to explore
For me, my eyes fell on the Mac & Cheese Attack
An Angus burger with fried Macaroni And Cheese buns, put together in a heart-stopping stack
Once the fried bun hardens,
the burger just melts in your mouth
The mac and cheese is so creamy and cheesy that it tastes like it was made down south
Being an onion ring junkie I had to order a plate…
Goose Island beer-battered onion rings,
so crispy, so crunchy…
I’d give these onion rings a 10 out of 10 if you asked me to rate
All in all, I found this the perfect spot for some savory food and a cold drink to just chill
The well-known Rockit Burger Bar can be found right in Chicago’s Wrigleyville!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.45.22 PM