Fat Ptarmigan

Fat Ptarmigan
441 W. 5th Ave., Anchorage, AK 99501


For a pizza adventure
visit the craftsman      Guy
at the rotund snow chicken –
corner of E and 5th.

A culinary Sourdough
performing magic
with a thinly stretched
smoky crust,
homemade mozzarella,
and build your own
add-ons: basil and tomato – my choice.

I savored the tangy sauce with fresh herbs
cleverly complimented with
Denali Brew – a hoppy
making IPA; refreshing
after a balmy Tony Knowles ride.

Service at the tundra bird
resembled Florida
in my opinion, not
the land of the polar night.

So, if you’re thinking
of changing your plumage,
consider a stop in Anchorage –
follow the wild yeast.


Contributed by: Anni Johnson, a poet and artist from Owego, N.Y. She has an Associate’s Degree from Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Anni’s work has appeared in Sappho’s Circle and RiverRead. She is cover designer for SUNY Press poetry book “Poems of Wine & Tavern Romance.” You can visit her website here at www.annijvisualartist.com!

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Johnny’s Grill

Johnny’s Grill
5313 N Lincoln Ave, Skokie, IL 60077

JOHNNYSGRILLGyros inside of a burger
Now let me say that again…
Gyros INSIDE of a burger!

Today I’m at Johnny’s,
a small yet popular grill
If the picture didn’t get you, hopefully this poem will
A family run business where the owners are Greek
That being said, it’s a given that the gyros is far from weak
As soon as you have this special, your taste buds will soar
At a not so bad price,
you’ll get just what you paid for
A burger stuffed with gyros that is more than just appealing to the eyes
And it tastes as good as it appears,
especially complimented with the seasoned fries
Crispy onion rings, a burger well done
And a variety of other options,
even though I’m focusing on just one
To enjoy the nice weather,
there’s a patio outside to find a seat
Good food and conversation,
it’s a good spot to sit and eat

Johnny’s Grill in Skokie,
a small yet satisfying grill
If this poem didn’t get you,
Look at the picture again…
it probably will!

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Cattleman’s at the Club

Cattleman’s at the Club
1608 3rd St NE, Belmond, IA 50421

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 5.22.17 PM

Three years ago in June
Three tornados loomed
Headed for a restaurant dear to us
They skirted cross the land
And didn’t stop and stand
But turned parts of that restaurant into dust

But the story doesn’t end on despair
Because the town of Belmond Iowa cared
They gathered up their might
And all came out to fight
To keep Cattleman’s open in their town

Three years later they are thriving
Cattleman’s at the Club, fine dining
The foods beyond compare
In a pleasant atmosphere
So you better get here early for a seat

From luscious steak to tasty fish
And a salad bar thrown in
Homemade soup in winter
In summer, golf and eat
You can’t go wrong no matter what you eat

Burgers are delicious, chicken pasta zest
And their fried chicken is the very best
Appetizers tasty
No food will be wasted
You’ll come away with smiles on your face

And of course there is a lounge
Where fun can still be found
On Tex-Mex Thursday
Margaritas quench thirsty
And the fun is passed all around

So come to Belmond Iowa some day
And to the Country Club please stay
Cattleman’s at the Club
Will really fill you up
If good food is what you really crave

Contributed by: Pete Gardner, whom has been writing poetry for a large part of his life yet over the past few years it has taken center stage.  The majority of His writing is Christ centered, and many are songs, not just poems.  He writes daily on his blog, which can be found at psalmistpetegardner.wordpress.com.

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Stan’s Donuts

Stan’s Donuts
2800 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657

IMG_1069Los Angeles meets Chicago in this donut collaboration
All thanks to Rich Labriola for partnering with Stan Berman to bring the Midwest his delicious creation
Stan’s Donuts, a more than 50 year old donut shop well-known in LA
But when brought to Chicago, the mix with the Labriola Baking Company gave Stan’s Donuts a new way
With classic and traditional flavors, Stan’s paved a path to make a name in our city
Especially for their notable donuts that range from being fancy and pretty, to whimsical and witty
Creme-filled captain crunch, biscoff banana pocket, and pistachio are a crowd-pleaser
And if you’re indecisive, samples are available for a little teaser
Each donut is fresh and fluffy, soft and moist
And old fashioned donuts are a favorite, if that’s your choice
The interior has a 1950’s vibe, with decor that is adorable and retro
And gazing at the wall of colorful KitchenAid stand mixers is almost as enjoyable as a show
With long lines that go by fast, and a friendly and patient work-crew…
In just one visit you’ll know why Stan’s Donuts is treasured for grabbing coffee and a donut,
and if one donut doesn’t do, then possibly a few!
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Cafe K’tizo

Cafe K’tizo
1915 N Gary Ave, Wheaton, IL 60187

matcha 1

They call me a regular,
A coffee drinker in their teashop
So addicted to their blended matcha
I simply cannot stop

I eye the other drinks
And my friends have tried them all
But I stick with my refresh-ment
Summer, winter, spring, and fall

Owner Judy says it’s healthy
Like most of their yummy fare
That may ease my guilt somewhat,
But—sip, mmm—I’m not really sure I care

At times I eat the veggie quiche,
A salad, or soup of beans
But the reason I go again, again
Is my drink of powdered greens

Ok, I must admit I lied,
My reasons are galore
I love the staff, the vibe, the space,
The changing art displays and more

I call it my office away from home
Where I’m met with a welcoming smile
I set up my laptop, order my drink
And settle in for a while

On breaks from work, I roam the shop
As there is much to see
For Judy loves the whole globe round
And embraces it all in her world of tea

Feel like assam bop or mango mate?
Pu’erh, rooibos, or Formosa oolong?
There’s all this and much more—
Even a cinnamon named Mekong!

So stop on in.
I guarantee
Get a matcha and
A regular you’ll be

Contributed by: Jen Underwood, a writer, student, and mom. She and her family are moving into the city of Chicago this summer, but she hopes to still visit K’tizo from time to time. You can check out her writing at her blog: www.jenunderwood.org!

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Pizzeria Paradiso

Pizzeria Paradiso 
2003 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.40.19 AM-2.png

Pizzeria Paradiso, an artisan pie like no other
I remember waiting in line another
Just a few tables, lines down P street
Order Bosco or Atomico, with spicy meat
Sample olives, briny with extra virgin oil
Ponder the menu while the Pizzaoli toil
Watch the pies billow to life
While the aroma’s remove your strife
Scorching wood at 800 degrees
Sample the beers of high pedigree
Order Bernardus, Chimay or Bells Lager
Enjoy the warm wood cellar and have another
Dried Mozzerella not to be found
Only Fiore Di Latte to make pizza profound
Pizzeria Paradiso
Never any Compromiso


Contributed by: Mark Routson, a life long Washingtonian, who is always on the look out for real food and travel. Check out his blog at Frugalicity.wordpress.com!

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Rockit Burger Bar

Rocket Burger Bar
3700 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60613

ROCKITBURGERBARAcross the street from Wrigley Field you’ll find Rockit Burger Bar
Regardless if you’re a Cubs or a White Sox fan,
they’ll welcome you whatever you are
With plenty of TV’s hung around,
it’s a fun place to watch any game and grab a bite
An enjoyable bar to hang out at whether you’re eating in the day or drinking in the night
The specialty burgers is what this burger bar is notorious for
Each burger has a different style that you’ll be curious to explore
For me, my eyes fell on the Mac & Cheese Attack
An Angus burger with fried Macaroni And Cheese buns, put together in a heart-stopping stack
Once the fried bun hardens,
the burger just melts in your mouth
The mac and cheese is so creamy and cheesy that it tastes like it was made down south
Being an onion ring junkie I had to order a plate…
Goose Island beer-battered onion rings,
so crispy, so crunchy…
I’d give these onion rings a 10 out of 10 if you asked me to rate
All in all, I found this the perfect spot for some savory food and a cold drink to just chill
The well-known Rockit Burger Bar can be found right in Chicago’s Wrigleyville!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.45.22 PM


6604 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60626

BOPNGRILLAmerican food infused with Asian flavor,
To this place I owe Guy Fieri the favor
As seen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,
this is a unique place that will definitely take you for a ride
From options like an Umami burger and Kimchi fries,
so much flavor that it’s really no surprise
The hype is around the Philly Bulkogi Eggrolls,
Yet they are served only on the weekend…
so you need to have a little bit of self-control
A variety of different burgers and plates,
Korean-style options that taste nothing but great
A Father burger for the one who dares…
That includes a double patty! Fried egg!
Filled with so much goodness that you don’t want to share
A Tofu and Kimchi plate for the one who craves…
Krispy tofu
and it tastes so good there’s nothing left on your plate at the end to save
So whenever you desire food that makes you stop and gives you a thrill
Take yourself down to Sheridan Road and try out Bop N Grill!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.45.22 PM

Rosalita’s Roadside Cantina

Rosalita’s Roadside Cantina
180 U.S. 9, Englishtown, NJ 07726

SteakBurrInside you’ll find a wall of hubcaps and plates.
An old charm atmosphere makes a noteworthy first date.
There’s Margarita Mondays
but they are available all week.
Stop in for Taco Tuesdays
if it is the thrill of food you seek.
A fiesta for the whole family
or just one at the bar.
Cod trucked from Chatham, Massachusetts
and fresh chicken from Murray Farms.
On a cool night
choose to sit on the portico.
Pick a spot near a TV and take in the big show.
Salsa, limon, guacamole, and sangria.
Even vegetarian enchilada.
The giant Eat at Rosie’s sign
speaks early Americana.

Contributed by: Charles Gandy, who enjoys writing poems and short fiction. During the day, he spends his spare time exploring nature and its creativity. At night, he digs deep down and tries his own at creation. You could check out his cool site here, www.cgandyfiction.com!

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Margie’s Candie’s

Margie’s Candie’s
1813 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60613

MARGIESCANDIES.jpgA sweet love story that began in 1933,
back when Peter married his darling Margie
Almost a hundred years later their love still stands..
In an old fashioned ice cream shop,
in the heart of where it all began
You’ll feel as if you were teleported to another time
Where the moments go slow,
and instead of carrying dollars you carried dimes
Old jukeboxes in place,
signed memorabilia on the walls
A place where the portions are jumbo although the shop is pretty small
Handmade candies is their specialty,
a tradition that is proudly passed down
A Chicago institution with some of the best ice-cream around
Homemade hot fudge and caramel,
so good I eat it by the spoonful
Ice cream in a fancy white clam-shell dish,
to not finish it all would just be cruel
With a 1950’s decor and the thought of the countless times that were spent
Here at Margies…
where the booth in the back is where the Beetles once sat after a Chicago event
Along with the Beatles come the Rolling Stones…
The thought that Al Capone was a “regular” here chills me to the bone
The history echoes as soon as you step inside,
Margie’s and her ice cream will make any Chicagoan fill up with pride!

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