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El Nuevo Borinquen

El Nuevo Borinquen
1720 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

In the Humboldt Park area of Chicago, all the way in the west side
Is an area that’s known for its Puerto Rican pride
Since the 1970’s, Humboldt Park has been recognized for its large population
Of the Puerto Rican people, who in their own way made this area their own location

From the art that’s painted on the walls as you drive by,
to the huge Puerto Rican metal flags that cloud over California street from one side to the other side
In what feels like a little Puerto Rico with so much culture in the street
It’s only right that you find some good Puerto Rican food to eat

El Nuevo Borinquen, a restaurant that brought the Jibarito to the United States
From Puerto Rico to Chicago, this native dish found its way to our city plates
The Jibarito is a sandwich, but without bread…
fried Plantains, which are nice and crunchy, act as your bread instead!
You get to choose from steak, chicken, pork, or more,
and then come the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and mayo
All in between sweet and crispy fried plantains, that will make you forget all about having a sandwich with dough
The popular Jibarito is brought out with a side of Puerto Rican rice
And with the restaurant’s homemade hot sauce, you can also add a little spice

With other favorites on the menu, like the beef empanadas or the rellanos de papa,
El Nuevo Borinquen is a restaurant in Humboldt Park that if you haven’t tried already, you gotta!
The pride of the Puerto Rican people is found from the streets to the food
And with a meal that made me feel like I was in Puerto Rico, I hope this poem expresses my gratitude!



The Bad Apple

The Bad Apple
4300 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

They say an apple a day keeps the doctors away…
But I think The Bad Apple a day, is what they were really trying to say!

Although it has the word “bad” in its name,
this popular Lincoln Square restaurant has reasons for its fame
From a variety of burgers, that are all different and unique,
able to fulfill almost any burger craving you may seek

Like The Cowboy Killer burger, with fried egg,
muenster cheese and jalapeño
Made with high quality meat and full of flavor,
you need to remind yourself to eat slow
The Figs Is In burger features a sweet fig and bacon relish with goat cheese,
with this combined flavor it might make you ask for more, and be sure to say, “Please!”
Elvis’ Last Supper, topped with bacon and homemade peanut butter,
is a burger so different it might drop you to your knees, and have you squealing, “Jeez!”

Everything is made from scratch, even the ketchup…
and with vegetarian options as well, every one has a chance to live it up
And along with their burger list, the beer list is savage,
with hundreds of beers to choose from, it’s any beer drinkers dream to ravage!

Last but certainly not least, a big emphasis on the cheese curds
Big curds in a crispy coat, with melted cheese inside,
with a taste that I can’t even put into words!
Homemade buttermilk ranch dressing is used as a dip,
and as your hands make a way to grab the warm cheese curds, it takes you on a cheesy trip!

With vibrant artwork that’s displayed around and makes it look cool,
and decor to check out whether you’re dining at a table or sitting on a bar stool,
from the ambience, to the killer food that will make you drool…
One visit to The Bad Apple,
and you’ll realize that the apple isn’t all that cruel!


đź’ťVALENTINE’S DAY SPECIALđź’ť – Margie’s Candies

Margie’s Candies
1960 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60613


A sweet love story that began in 1933,
back when Peter married his darling Margie
Almost a hundred years later their love still stands..
in an old fashioned ice cream shop,
in the heart of where it all began

You’ll feel as if you are teleported to another time
A time where the moments go slow,
and instead of carrying dollars, you carry dimes
Old jukeboxes in place,
signed memorabilia on the walls
A place where the portions are jumbo, although the shop is pretty small

Handmade candies is their specialty,
a tradition that is proudly passed down
A Chicago institution, with some of the best ice-cream around
Homemade hot fudge and caramel,
so good I eat it by the spoonful
Ice cream in a fancy white clam-shell dish,
to not finish it all would just be cruel

With a 1950’s decor, and the thought of the countless times that were spent…
Here at Margies, where the booth in the back is where the Beetles once sat after a Chicago event
Along with the Beatles come the Rolling Stones,
the thought that Al Capone was a “regular” here chills me to the bone

The history echoes as soon as you step inside,
Margie’s and her ice cream will make any Chicagoan fill up with pride!



Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Honey Butter Fried Chicken
3361 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Honey Butter Fried Chicken,
Southern food in a Chicago kitchen
Avondale location, with a country side dedication
with fried chicken that gives HBFC its kickin’ reputation

Tender and juicy chicken, crispy and with a crunch,
with its famous honey butter sauce that beats it to a punch
Creamy butter, oozing with a honey flavor
The extra sweetness to the chicken gives it a taste to savor

A side of Pimento Mac and Cheese,
is rich and cheesy with a crumbly bread crumb on top
One bite in and it’ll be hard to stop
And with other classic sides, how will you ever decide?
Like the mashed potatoes,
or corn meal muffins, creamed corn, and more
Topped down with a sweet tea that will make you forget the chicken you came down for

With a philosophy that claims to do things different around here,
one thing to note is that the owners supply employees with a pleasant HBFC career
With perks that include a good income and health benefits
You can save your dollars for a drink at HBFC’s bar, because this staff doesn’t work off of tips

So whenever you might be in the mood,
and craving some good ol’ Southern food
Come on by to Honey Butter Fried Chicken for your fix,
guaranteed to make any city girl or guy feel like they’re eating in the sticks!


Si-Pie Pizzeria

Si-Pie Pizzeria
3477 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60657

It’s hard for a Chicago native to admit,
that they found the right kind of pizza in a New York minute
One bite into Si-Pie’s Pizzeria pizza, and I was sold…
that the famous New York style pizza is just as good as I was told

A thin crust, with just the right level of crispiness,
and with top quality ingredients
It’s apparent that Si-Pie figured out how you’re supposed to have an unforgettable pizza experience

A sauce that is New York, with a crust that is European,
and known for unique topping combinations…
like the Kabob or Mediterranean,
are just a couple of the owners unique creations!
With a full menu, you’ll find gluten-free and vegan options as well…
and the grilled eggplant pizza will entice you just by it’s smoked savory smell

Close to the Chicago Cub’s popular Wrigleyville,
this pizza joint is known for a slice of pizza with a drink combo,
and also, delivery or taking it to go

But the best part has got to be greeting the owner Simon with a hello,
because with his hospitality and conversation,
he is someone that you’ll be glad to know!




306 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60661


As you open the doors and enter Artopolis,
you are taken to another place
To a charming European-style bakery and cafe with so much grace
A Greek version of Eataly,
but much smaller
With several sections to spend your hard earned dollar
A section for sandwiches, pizza,
one for alcohol, another for coffee,
and of course their desserts that are much appreciated
And then the transition from cafe,
to bakery,
to grocery store,
and then to restaurant,
is nicely seperated

In the heart of Greek Town,
Artopolis is a nice alternative to the more formal sit down restaurants
And with a menu that ranges from full meal to just dessert and coffee,
you can almost order whatever it is you want

Named after the restaurant,
Artopitas is a scrumptious find
A filo dough turnover filled with all sorts of delicious things inside,
and you get to pick what kind
The classic Spinach and Cheese, Spanakopita
Kasseri and Feta, Tiropita,
are just a couple of these heavenly flaky puffs
And with a choice of either a side of potato salad or pasta salad,
For one, this whole plate is more than enough!

With an on-site bakery,
artisan breads and rolls,
and pastries that are sweet to the eyes
Their Greek Loukoumades,
served on a large plate so you can share,
taste like a sweet prize!
For those that don’t know,
Loukoumades are fried squishy balls of dough that are covered in honey, nuts, and cinammon
And with a cup of traditional Greek coffee,
it’s a guartantee you’ll be enjoying your experience with a grin

Nevertheless, the Loukoumades are just one of the many pastry items available at Artopolis,
And known for being open late,
for a get together with friends, or a first date,
this combination of deli-bakery-bar-restaurant,
with a casual cafe-style twist,
is not something on Halsted Street that you want to miss!



Kabobi-Persian and Mediterranean Grill

Kabobi-Persian and Mediterranean Grill
4748 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

The Albany Park area of Chicago is known for their diverse population of people from the Middle East
And with the numbers growing through the years,
the number of restaurants in the area also increased
You can even spot Middle Eastern restaurants that are right next to each other on Kedzie street!
And with one of the best Persian restaurants around,
Kabob Grill is a find that you can’t beat
High quality Middle Eastern food served in a casual environment to have a seat

With no wait service, the first thing you do when you walk in is order at the counter and then find a table to sit
Because of their popularity and crowd, you may have to wait a bit
The ambiance reminded me of cafes and restaurants in the Middle East,
and because of their massive portions, for a very decent price, it will most definitely feel like a Arab feast!

The hummus is smooth, silky, and creamier than most,
claimed to be one of the best hummus by their regulars,
that gives Kabobi a reason to boast!
Brought out with warm and fluffy hot pita,
that is baked fresh daily at the bakery next door,
Al-Khyam Bakery is the name of the store

The Persian Salad is fresh and crunchy,
a good way to prepare for the food that will be coming your way
Because when the main entrée is brought out in front of you,
you already know you’ll have food left over for the next day!

Each dish comes in a tin tray lined with Persian Lavish bread,
with your choice of rice and kabob on top
Accompanied by a sliced red onion,
grilled plum tomato,
and a pat of butter to spread on the kabob
The meat is juicy and very flavorful,
and the owner confirms that it is all Zabiha Halal,
for those who are careful!
Each meal is easily two meals in one
With each bite of the savory dish,
it felt nice knowing I wasn’t even close to done!

The owner was a gentleman,
and walked over to every table to ask if everyone enjoyed their food
With bags of leftovers in hand, and a satiated stomach,
The smile on my face after having such divine Persian food spoke my gratitude!




Ten Mile House

Ten Mile House
1700 Central St, Evanston, IL 60201


As soon as you walk into Ten Mile House,
the scent of smoked barbecue invites you in,
to a bright and open space with a big bar and an open kitchen
A wood burning stove is in view with a fire blazing,
with pizza’s sliding in and out the glimpse is amazing
The decor is comfy and homey, yet sleek and contemporary,
and the menu is a modern take on American comfort food that is anything but ordinary

Excited to see it a full house,
and glad I had called for a reservation before hand,
with a hungry stomach,
the last thing I’d want to do is wait while I sit or stand
The menu offered a variety of soups, salads, fish and barbecued meats,
and the pizza which is cooked in the wood oven is a popular item that most come to try and eat
Yet despite a busy kitchen,
I was impressed with the timeliness of the food being prepared,
and one look at the TMH pizza I had ordered,
the last thing I’d ever want to do is share

The pizza came straight out of the oven with a golden crust that was soft and chewy,
White cheddar, pork shoulder, bacon, garlic, crispy onions sprinkled on top,
and the bbq sauce soaked into the crust made it delightfully gooey
But with a variety of other toppings for the pizza,
and other food on the menu,
there’s always something new to try
Ten Mile House has a wonderful brunch and dinner combo for whatever time you decide to drop by

Popular items include,
The Pepper Jack Stuffed Tater Tots,
The Crispy Grilled Cheese, Fried Chicken,
And acclaimed lunch item The Dude…
which is a Cinnamon Roll sandwich with sausage, egg, and maple bacon
a twist from the old to the new is delightful to take in

With history that comes with the Ten Mile House name,
it marks a prominent time in Evanston’s past,
To being the first public gathering point in 1836,
it was brought back in 2014,
to carry that name again and this time make it last!


Chicago Hope Cafe

Chicago Hope Cafe
2431 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60608


Great Coffee, Great Cause

Hope’s itn the name of my favorite stop.
It’s the core of its mission, too.
For profits from Hope are for a great cause,
helping kids with each pot they brew.

For just down the street and then up the block
Is a school with Hope, too, in its name.
And the coffeeshop’s joy is to share in this work
Of giving its students clear aim.

It’s a school serving kids from the West Side,
Many who might need a hand.
It’s part of the mission there at Hope Café,
To help when things don’t go as planned.

It’s a mission that’s deep; it starts with their brew,
For their roaster is named Second Chance—
Giving jobs to those who’ve served time in jail,
The very best kind of advance.

So the cause is a great one, but so is the fare.
The café con leche is tops.
And if you want breakfast or lunch, you’re all set
With a sandwich made right in this shop.

For Kenard’s at the grill frying bacon,
And the taste is as good as the smell.
It goes awfully well with a cup poured by James,
Giving you an experience to tell.

The sunshine spills cross the old hardwood floors
And you settle into a nook.
With the wifi you could get some work done
Or just cozy up with a book.

Grab breakfast to-go or work for awhile,
Have a meeting there or an event.
Chicago Hope Café’s a great place to go,
And a great place to say that you went.


Contributed by:  Jen Underwood, lives in the great city of Chicago with her school teacher husband, four crazy but awesome kids, and a dog who thinks she’s the queen. Jen is a freelance writer and blogs at www.jenunderwood.org.


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