Chicago Hope Cafe

Chicago Hope Cafe
2431 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60608


Great Coffee, Great Cause

Hope’s itn the name of my favorite stop.
It’s the core of its mission, too.
For profits from Hope are for a great cause,
helping kids with each pot they brew.

For just down the street and then up the block
Is a school with Hope, too, in its name.
And the coffeeshop’s joy is to share in this work
Of giving its students clear aim.

It’s a school serving kids from the West Side,
Many who might need a hand.
It’s part of the mission there at Hope Café,
To help when things don’t go as planned.

It’s a mission that’s deep; it starts with their brew,
For their roaster is named Second Chance—
Giving jobs to those who’ve served time in jail,
The very best kind of advance.

So the cause is a great one, but so is the fare.
The café con leche is tops.
And if you want breakfast or lunch, you’re all set
With a sandwich made right in this shop.

For Kenard’s at the grill frying bacon,
And the taste is as good as the smell.
It goes awfully well with a cup poured by James,
Giving you an experience to tell.

The sunshine spills cross the old hardwood floors
And you settle into a nook.
With the wifi you could get some work done
Or just cozy up with a book.

Grab breakfast to-go or work for awhile,
Have a meeting there or an event.
Chicago Hope Café’s a great place to go,
And a great place to say that you went.


Contributed by:  Jen Underwood, lives in the great city of Chicago with her school teacher husband, four crazy but awesome kids, and a dog who thinks she’s the queen. Jen is a freelance writer and blogs at


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