Bistec Bar & Grill

Bistec Bar & Grill
1523 N Kingsbury St, Chicago, IL 60642

Chicago’s Bistec Bar & Grill is the newest grill in the scene,
inspired by Korean barbecue, they’ve mixed it with Mexican cuisine,
to create a new concept that not many have seen!

You’re able to grill your own marinated meats,
right in the comfort of your own seat,
from Steak, Chicken, to Shrimp, there’s plenty to pick and eat!
For $40 you can grill enough for two,
with a choice of two proteins and a marinade, and two sides, the menu is fun to go through,
and it’s served with pico de gallo, charro beans, pickled red onions and vegetables, cilantro, jalapeños and Spanish onions, a huge amount of food to dig in to,
with flour or corn tortillas, this was a Mexican food experience that we were not used to!

There are other options for brunch or dinner, if you’re not up to grill,
from Chocolate Banana Pancakes that are so delectable they’ll give you a thrill,
to the praised Bistec Burger, with a petite tender steak, that does more than fulfill
And if that’s not enough, their drinks go in for the kill!
Like their Lavender Margarita made with a homemade Lavender syrup,
an exotic taste all in your cup,
altogether, the Bistec Bar is one that will have you saying, “Bottom’s Up!”

From the Spanish word for Steak, “Bistec” is genuine to its name,
by serving the best seasoned meats in a unique dining experience, they are changing the game,
and for that, we are proud to proclaim,
that the new Bistec Bar & Grill is so hot it brings on the flame!

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