Cafe L’Appetito

Cafe L’Appetito
3332 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

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Born in Italy, Made in Chicago is the Cafe L’Appetito trademark,
that shows what they’re all about with a little spark
What started in 1981 has been passed down to generations,
and continues to be a family run business with well-known recognition!

From subs, paninis, deli salads, and more,
to Italian coffee and dessert, there’s so much to explore in the L’Appetito store
Italian Classics like the Italiano are served on an Italian roll,
filled with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and Italian spices, it speaks to the Italian soul,
and with hot capicollo, genoa salami, imported mortadella, and provolone, you’ll need some self-control!
The Tonino Panini, served on Rustic Italian Bread, is served grilled and hot,
stuffed with sliced roasted chicken and fresh mozzarella, it hits the spot!
Deli Salads are prepared fresh daily and are priced by the pound,
while you decide on which one to pick be sure to look around
The Pesto Tortellini is cheese filled with tri-color tortellini tossed in homemade pesto sauce,
and with grated parmigiana, it’s flavor will show you who’s the boss
The Arancini’s are an Italian favorite that you’ll have to try,
rice croquettes filled either traditional or with spinach, they are too savory to pass by!

After that pure Italian food, coffee needs to come next,
after partnering with Lavazza, an Italian coffee company with respect,
a cup of their coffee will give your experience an Italian effect
With either Italian cookies or Homemade cannoli’s, you’ll enjoy the simplicity,
that Cafe L’Appetito delivers, and then you can leave feeling like you were just in Italy!