Chocolate Moonshine Co

Chocolate Moonshine Co
835 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

From making fudge out of a Pennsylvania home,
to a Kiosk in Chicago’s Water Tower, Chocolate Moonshine found a way to roam
With Belgian Chocolate, and a combination of their famous fudge,
their loved fudge bars are what every chocolatier expert needs to judge!

And ten stars go to the creativity that is expressed,
because as soon as you see these Belgian Chocolate bars, you will be more than impressed
From the colors, which are hand painted, each bar has a story to tell,
and with Chocolate Moonshine’s growing popularity, it’s their honesty that sells!
Family owned, pure and natural, and gluten-free,
and non-alcoholic, even the “Amaretto” and “Smoked Whiskey”!

Over thirty flavors, that taste like a truffle, but unique in every way,
these bars are the perfect way to celebrate a holiday, or any other day!
Like the Birthday Cake flavor, with it’s colorful White-Pink-Yellow Sprinkle exterior,
and the surprise chocolate and birthday-cake filling in the interior
And other favorites like the Bam Triple Chocolate,
or the French Kiss, with red on the outside and intense yellow tips,
it’s a sweet chocolate kiss that is luscious to the lips!
The fun goes on, with bars like Mocha Madness, Apple Pie, and Wild Strawberry,
and you’ll learn just how well fruit and chocolate go hand in hand, with the Black Raspberry!

From gourmet fudge, to moonshine fudge bars, you’re able to pick and choose,
and with quality that you don’t see around anymore, there’s nothing you can lose
But it’s a gain to experience the way chocolate is supposed to be,
Chocolate Moonshine’s Illegally good concoctions, is something every one needs to taste and see!





  1. firefly1824

    October 30, 2017 at 10:32 am

    My friend carries the fudge bars at her gourmet food shop, they’re delicious!

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