Crave Kabob

Crave Kabob
1521 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607

If it’s Mediterranean food that you crave,
Crave Kabob is getting all of the rave
From their family to you,
they serve high-quality foods that many are not used to
Fresh produce, meats, and ingredients are just some of the few,
qualities that make Crave Kabob authentic and true!

Start with a Lentil Soup, with red lentils, served with pita chips,
you’ll relish at the flavor as soon as your spoon touches your lips!
And their crispy Falafel’s are one you can’t skip,
handmade chickpea balls, served with tahini sauce, to dip!
A Fattoush Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and parsley,
topped with homemade pita croutons, it’s a refreshing sight to see
The Hummus, with pureed chickpeas,
served with pita bread or chips, so you can choose either soft or crispy!
The Feta fries, make a good side,
topped with crumbled feta, fresh herbs and spices, it’s one to share and divide!

Sandwiches are either in a pita or wrap bread,
from Steak Shawarma to Lamb Kabob, or even Gyro instead!
The entrees are a feast for your eyes,
with rice, meat, veggies, salad and a spread, it’s a Middle Eastern prize
Better yet, the Crave Bowl is getting all of the hype,
served over a bed of rice, with your choice of spread and sauce, to make it exactly your type!

The Mediterranean diet has gained recognition for a reason,
and is the kind of food to eat in any season,
so if that’s the kind of food you’re feeling,
then go to Chicago’s Crave Kabob and give yourself a hearty feeding!

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