FireFin Poké Shop

FireFin Poké Shop
1415 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

From the busy streets of Chicago, to the beaches in Hawaii,
FireFin replaces the noise of traffic to sand and palm trees
where for a moment you will be care-free,
and enjoy a fresh Poké bowl that’s a sight to see!

As you walk into FireFin, “Aloha!” is your greeting,
and with it’s bright lit room, and windows open, it has enjoyable seating,
with a taste of Hawaii you’ll forget that it’s in Chicago you’re eating!
Fresh ingredients that blend together, all in a Poké Bowl,
for those who love a sushi roll,
with fresh fish and a variety of options, these bowls will make you lose all self control!

There’s the Classic Hawaiian, with Ahi Tuna, Hawaiian Albacore, and more,
topped with ginger, it has the taste of Hawaii you’d ask for
A Cali crab, with snow crab and a spicy honey mayo sauce,
as you mix through the different garnishes, its a fun toss!
You can build your own bowl, if you feel creative,
and with their assortment of choices, it’ll catch the eyes of any Hawaiian native!

Fresh, colorful, and tasty, everything is clean and guilt-free,
and with the rise of Poké bowls trending, FireFin has won the key!
Bringing the essence of Hawaii to Chicago in just a simple bowl,
FireFin takes you to paradise and you feel it in your heart and soul!



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