Green Leaf Thai Cuisine

Green Leaf Thai Cuisine
4658 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

For over 35 years, Rattiya Udompaichitkul has made cooking her art,
by sharing traditional Thai food and cooking it from the heart
From being the head chef of Opart to her own restaurant,
Green Leaf Thai Cuisine in Lincoln Square is Rattiya’s own fresh start!

The Tiger Cry is a tender marinated beef,
served with a homemade tangy sauce you’ll only find at Green Leaf!
Signature dishes like the Gaiy Yang Grilled Chicken,
with herbs and spices, get your taste buds kickin’!
Served with Somtum Papaya Salad, sticky rice,
and a sweet and sour sauce that gives your meal a delightful spice!
The Yen Ta Fo is a Thai classic,
Pink noodle soup with fresh wild rice noodles, fish ball, shrimp ball, squid, shrimp, Chinese broccoli, white mushrooms, and fried wontons, it’s absolutely fantastic!
It’s a Seafood Soup in a traditional Thai Fire Pot,
so while you pour your soup and enjoy it, the pot will keep it hot!
And to take all of that down, there are drinks like a Basilly Perfect Lemonade or Lychee Hibiscus Refresher,
cool and tasty, both drinks are a real pleasure!

To fulfill our Thai experience, the Mango & Sticky Rice was the ultimate end,
ripened mango slices over warm sticky rice and sweetened coconut milk, this is a dessert we highly recommend!
After all, the sweet and sour combination is a Thai food trend,
and with all of Green Leaf’s new and old signature dishes, this is a restaurant you’d like to take a friend!