Honey Biscuit

Honey Biscuit
106 W Northwest Hwy, Mt Prospect, IL 60056

Honey Biscuit in the morning will add brightness to your day,
because when there’s a little sweetness to your biscuits, you’ll start your day the right way,
and from breakfast to lunch, there’s so much to have you stay,
with food this good, you’ll shout a big ol’ YAY!

The honey biscuits are brought to you soft and warm,
dripping with honey, these biscuits aren’t the norm,
but as sweet as can be, they’re a luscious storm!
The signature Chicken Biscuit sandwich with hand-breaded fried chicken,
with bacon, melted cheddar, and an over easy egg, it’ll make you give your finger’s a good lickin’,
all in a large fluffy biscuit, this is one you need to be picking!

The Oreo Waffle with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream,
filled with chunks of Oreo’s, it might make you let out a scream,
and topped with crushed Oreo’s and a vanilla drizzle, it’s a delightful
And if that doesn’t do it, their original crepes will do the trick,
whether you want them sweet or savory, there’s a few to pick,
from Nutella Strawberry to a Savory Crepe, each crepe comes out full and thick!

You’ll find sunshine at the Honey Biscuit restaurant,
from bright yellow walls to heavenly food, it’s just the place you’ll want
To have breakfast and do so with a smile,
take yourself to Mount Prospect and stay at Honey Biscuit for a while!