Iron Lotus Sushi & Smoked Meats

Iron Lotus Sushi & Smoked Meats
1443 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

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Iron Lotus Sushi and Smoked Meats has recently opened its doors,
to a fusion of Asian and Southern BBQ, along with so much more,
Ramen, Wings, and Rolled Ice Cream are some of the many choices to explore!
Smoked wings are highly popular in their signature Korean BBQ sauce,
and if you’ve never had Shrimp Shumai, it’s a tasty appetizer to come across
It’s a flavorful Chinese dumpling that is steamed or fried,
and after just one bite it is a shame that it’s something we’ve never tried!
The Ramen is homemade and there’s a few to choose,
from Smoked Brisket to Shrimp Ramen, none of the ramen you’d want to refuse!

The All You Can Eat Sushi is decent in price,
during lunch it’s $18.95 and dinner it’s $24.95, so you don’t have to think twice
Signature rolls like the Chicago Roll comes with a little spice, 
white fish tempura and asparagus, topped with spicy salmon, spicy mayo and a tempura crunch, it’ll take you to sushi paradise
The Dragon Roll with Shrimp Tempura and cucumber is divine in one bite,
topped with eel, avocado, and eel sauce, it’s sushi done right!
With 23 signature sushi rolls, and then regular rolls on their list,
you’ll have to come back to try any roll you missed!

Restaurant meet lounge bar, Iron Lotus is also a place to grab a drink,
and along with alcohol, it comes with so much more than you think
Thai inspired rolled ice cream is also a winner,
it’s the perfect way to end your experience of either a drink or dinner

So if you ever find yourself in the mood for a restaurant that can meet all your needs,
head over to Iron Lotus and see how much they exceed,
from smoked meats to Asian favorites, and then dessert or alcohol indeed,
see for yourself how this restaurant is sure to take the lead!