E-mail for all media inquiries. Please include name of restaurant/establishment on the subject line.
If you are a restaurant, bakery, or any other type of food establishment in the Chicago area, and you would like dineANDrhyme to visit, below you will find what we provide for each of our features.

We ideally look for two complimentary meals for both Donna and Diana on any Saturday or Sunday afternoon (some time between 12 PM to 3 PM). In exchange, on the following Wednesday after our meal, you will receive the following from dineANDrhyme:


• A fun and positive review of the restaurant and food in the form of a poem on our website, along with information about your restaurant. (Name, address, and a link to your website.)

• Many pictures that will be featured on our These pictures will include the food and pictures from the restaurant that will highlight our experience in a positive way.

• One post daily for 6 days after our feature post, on our Instagram pages, that will include a different picture and video everyday. (On Instagram page: @dineandrhyme)

• A video on our YouTube channel that will record our food and dining experience. This video will also be included on our website.




All other general inquiries should also be sent to



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