Sweet Pepper Venezuelan Food Bar

Sweet Pepper Venezuelan Food Bar
2604 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

From the beautiful country of Venezuela to Chicago’s Lincoln Square,
is a new Venezuelan restaurant that is making it hard to compare
With traditional food that you can’t find just anywhere,
Sweet Pepper Venezuelan Food Bar is the answer to your Caribbean prayers!

Choosing either an arepa, plantain, bowl or salad, you can create-your-own-meal,
similar to Chipotle, you pick as you go, so it’s pretty much the real deal
And if you’re a fan of Arepa’s, you might want to squeal,
because the signature “Venezuelan Bread” made of cornmeal is so authentic it’s unreal!
Stuff your Arepa with a protein and you take your pick,
from Barbacoa Beef to Pulled Pork, and two toppings that give it a kick,
and to make it even better, sauces like Sweet Pepper, Guasacaca, Garlic, and Red Pepper, do the trick!

Yuca or Plantain chips are made daily and homemade,
they’re perfect to dip in a rice bowl, it’s a delicious trade
And don’t leave before you try the Papelon, Venezuelan lemonade,
an all natural drink sweetened with 100% cane natural brown sugar, so delicious you can’t turn it away!

For the Venezuelan experience you don’t have to travel far,
take yourself to Sweet Pepper Venezuelan Food Bar,
and once you taste what they have to offer, you’ll want to give them 5 stars!

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